My Work

Here’s a list of what I’ve written and can talk about. At any given time, I likely have additional work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which I can’t talk about until the project has been officially announced.

Projects for Rogue Trader

Playtester for Lure of the Expanse, Into the Storm, and Battlefleet Koronus.

Contributor to Stars of Inequity. (in particular, Chapter I: World Generator)

Contributor to The Koronus Bestiary. (in particular, Chapter IV: Xenos Generator)

Projects for Deathwatch

Contributor to The Jericho Reach. (in particular, elements of Chapter 1: The Nightmare Salient and of Chapter III: The Great Devourer)

Contributor to Honour the Chapter. (in particular, Chapter III: The Vault of Relics)

Projects for Only War

Contributor to Enemies of the Imperium. (in particular, elements of Chapter III: The Shadow Walkers)

Contributor to Shield of Humanity. (in particular, the new Talents, Orders, and Comrades in Chapter III: Fires of Battle)

Projects for Dark Heresy

Contributor to the Dark Heresy Second Edition core rulebook. (in particular, Chapter XI: The Game Master and elements of Chapter X: The Askellon Sector)

Contributor to the Dark Heresy Second Edition GM Kit. (in particular, the section on Nemeses)

Contributor to Forgotten Gods. (in particular, a selection of encounter seeds)

Contributor to Enemies Within. (in particular, the Cult Generator and Subtlety in Hereticus Adventures sections)

Contributor to Enemies Without. (in particular, the Running Xenos NPCs and Travelling in Space sections)

Contributor to Enemies Beyond. (in particular, the sections on Daemon Princes and Using Daemonic NPCs)

Projects for Black Crusade

Contributor to The Tome of Decay. (in particular, the rules for running a Black Crusade in-game)

Projects for Edge of the Empire

Contributor to The Jewel of Yavin. (various sections throughout)

Contributor to Special Modifications. (in particular, the following sections: “New Armor”, “New Gear and Equipment”, “Slicing Encounters”, “Running Slicing Encounters” and “Technician Rewards”)

Contributor to No Disintegrations. (in particular, the following sections: “New Weapons”, “New Armor”, “New Attachments”, “Integrating Bounty Hunters”, and “Bounty Hunter Rewards”)

Projects for Age of Rebellion

Wrote the Beginner Game expansion adventure “Operation Shadowpoint,” which you can download for free at the link here.

Contributor to Desperate Allies. (in particular, the following sections: “Diplomats of the Rebellion,” “New Species,” “New Vehicles and Starships” and “Protocol Droids”)

Projects for Force and Destiny

Contributor to the Force and Destiny Beta rulebook. (in particular, the “Lost Knowledge” adventure)

Wrote the Force and Destiny GM Kit, including both the adventure “Hidden Depths” and additional sections.

Wrote the Beginner Game expansion adventure “Lure of the Lost,” which you can download for free at the link here.

Contributor to Savage Spirits. (in particular, the following sections: “Seeker Backgrounds,” “New Species,” “Including Animal Companion NPCs,” and “New Creatures and Riding Beasts.”)

Contributor to Endless Vigil. (in particular, the following sections: “New Gear,” “New Lightsaber Mods,” “Urban Encounters,” “Contact Networks,” and “Investigations.”)

Other Gaming Projects

Wrote the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game expansion adventure “A Call for Heroes,” which you can download for free at the link here.

Contributor to Cavaliers of Mars, an upcoming role-playing game to be released by Onyx Path Publishing and Fantasy Heartbreaker. (details forthcoming upon release)

Fiction Projects

Contributor to Worlds of Android. (various sections throughout, primarily focused on Luna and the Worlds War)


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