A New Sort of Project


I’ve got some very exciting news to share, that I’ve been sitting on for a little bit now. It’s something I wanted to wait for the right moment to unveil, and I think now is as good a time as any.

The news is this: I am working on the lore and world-building for Chronicles, an upcoming miniatures game that will be hitting Kickstarter in 2017. The game is a pretty awesome fantasy miniatures experience with full army-building customization and a number of innovative twists. What’s more, the game is not just a miniatures project–Chronicles is designed to involve players both on and off the table through a new idea we call the OCRPG (Online Community Role-Playing Game). The OCRPG will have a living, breathing storyline that involves players at the table, but also ties in fan engagement, social media, and much more. Full details will be coming in the future, but I’m really excited to see people get involved.

We’re starting to spin up our outreach in preparation for the eventual crowdfunding drive, so if this sounds at all cool to you or at least something you would want to investigate further, check out the official website, comment on this blog post with questions, or contact me on Twitter using my handle of @JordanGoldfarb. And if this really gets your interest, be sure to tell your friends!


I have had to put aside work on Chronicles to focus on other priorities, unfortunately. It’s still an extremely cool and innovative project I remain enthused about, and hope people will give it a look once it hits Kickstarter–I know I’ll try to back it then!


About Jordan Goldfarb

I am a freelance writer working in the Role-Playing Game industry. My goal is to bring passion, creativity and intelligence to whatever I do, wherever I do it.
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