GenCon 2016 is coming up…

..and I’ll be there, running RPG demos for Fantasy Flight Games. I’m not 100% certain how much detail is acceptable to share at this stage, so I’ll err on the side of generalities for now, but if you are attending, follow me on Twitter (@JordanGoldfarb) for updates as I find myself available to provide them. I’m happy to meet with fans, fellow professionals, or anyone else who wants to say hi, talk shop, or whatever. I’ll be pretty busy with the demos during the relevant hours, of course, but I should have time to network, mingle, or what have you if you’re at the con.

Some other exciting news on the horizon, but nothing I can talk about just yet. For now, I hope you have the opportunity to share in my excitement for an awesome convention!


About Jordan Goldfarb

I am a freelance writer working in the Role-Playing Game industry. My goal is to bring passion, creativity and intelligence to whatever I do, wherever I do it.
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