Bonus Content: Tereus the Soulsmith

Hello again! I’ve been busy of late, but I don’t like leaving the blog to lie fallow for too long, so I’m finally fulfilling an idea from an older article, and detailing the ultimate bad guy and endboss of my Deathwatch campaign from a few years ago–Tereus the Soulsmith, an ancient Chaos Space Marine from the Iron Warriors legion. I’ve detailed some of the material I created for that campaign in previous Bonus Content articles, but this guy is something else.

As the final challenge of a decent-length campaign and the closing note of some adventures I was very fond of, I wanted the conflict involving Tereus to be impactful. Some of that was the setup over the course of the adventure in terms of new stakes and characters tying into his plans. Some of it was in the scope of the forces at his command–Tereus did not face my players alone, both because it would have been implausible for a powerful and influential warleader not to have some sort of retinue, and because my players would probably have shredder any single enemy they faced by that point in the campaign. And some of it was in new rules and concepts I put together specifically to make Tereus feel like a unique and unusual enemy. I did what I had previously mentioned with his lieutenant, Gervhardt Ironmaster, and gave him some rules out of the Black Crusade game line, plus a number of other custom features.

As a result of all this content being added in to his character write-up, the stat block I made for him is rather dense. Players and GMs who are not fond of rules-heavy approaches should probably skip this one, unfortunately. However, if you like tinkering with the guts of such creations, especially for Deathwatch or Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay in general, there’s probably some stuff in here you might find interesting. This is the profile exactly as I wrote it up back in that campaign, so if there’s something that looks wonky currently, it is probably the result of an old oversight of something from the original context.

Tereus of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion, Favored of Perturabo, the Soulsmith, the Hatehammer, Ruin-carver

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
60 58 64 (15) 57 (15) 40 75 51 66 43 75

Movement: 5/10/15/30

Wounds: 55

Skills: Awareness (Per) +10, Climb (S), Command (Fel) +20, Forbidden Lore (Int) (Archaeotech, Daemononoly, Traitor Legions, the Warp) +20, Forbidden Lore (Int) (Adeptus Mechanicus, Mutants, Psykers), Intimidate (S) +20, Literacy (Int), Scrutiny +10 (Per), Speak Language (Int) (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Unholy Tongue, Assorted Xenos Tongues), Survival (Int), Swim (S), Tech-Use +20, Trade (Armorer, Daemoncraft) +20

Talents: Astartes Weapon Training, Cleanse and Purify, Combat Master, Die Hard, Fearless, Hatred (Loyalist Space Marines), Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound, Smell), Jaded, Killing Strike, Lightning Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Swift Attack, True Grit

Traits: Dark Sight, Fear 1 (Disturbing), Size (Hulking)†, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x3), Regeneration (3)


            The Doom of Flesh: (Melee; 1d10+24 E; Pen 10; Balanced, Power

Field, Toxic*, Flesh-Eating**)

Perdition Torch (Mounted; 25m; S/–/–; 1d10+10 E; Pen 6; Clip 20; Reload 3

Full; Felling (1), Flame, Volatile)

Howl of Iron†† (Mounted; 150m; –/–/6; 2d10+15 I; Pen 5; Clip 240; Reload 3

Full; Storm, Tearing)

Armor: Maledictus-Pattern Terminator Armor (All 15) †††


*The Toxic Quality here represents a plague of flesh-scourging daemonic energy. Any resistance to toxins possessed by creatures without the Machine (4+) or Daemonic Traits does not apply.

**Those wounded by Haar’gadneth suffer one point of Toughness damage for each Wound lost.


†Tereus’ interface with his armor is unmatched, allowing him to deny opponents the benefits they would normally receive to hit him due to Size.

††Howl of Iron is a Daemon Weapon of unique construction, containing half a dozen Daemonic entities bound within one weapon. A target wounded by this weapon must make a Willpower Test after resolving all the hits for that round, at -5% for each hit that inflicted one or more Wounds. Failure inflicts 1d5 Insanity Points, and an equal number of Wounds that ignore Armor, Toughness, and Force Fields. After any target has suffered this effect, Tereus must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test or lose the ability to fire Howl of Iron for the rest of the battle.

†††: Follows all the rules for Terminator Armor, except as listed here: A Maledictus Suit is not restricted in the weapons it may bear, and has a Force Field value of 40, representing the malign warding runes carved over its surface. It still does not Overload. Maledictus suits do not receive a Power Armor History, their machine spirits being alien and untrustworthy things.


–The Doom of Flesh is a Legion Power Sword infused with the bound spirit of a Daemonsmith from the Forge of Souls.

–The Perdition Torch is a unique flame weapon mounted on the vambrace behind the Hand.

–Howl of Iron is a prototype of the weapon that would become the Assault Cannon, bound with the spirits of a flock of Chaos Furies in the barrels.


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